3 Ways to Protect Your Marriage/Relationship during Your Travel Exploits

Travels are wonderful and should be recommended to people who are of age and have the financial capability. Who would give up on the opportunity to go see the world and all its wonders? Definitely not me!

However, there are some people who have to travel to different destinations on a regular basis. This could be as a result of their work or personal choice. Due to the huge sum that is usually involved in travelling, it is usually difficult and impossible to bring your whole family along with you on virtually all your travel exploits, if at all.

Travel with all its benefits could significantly break a happy home if caution is not taken. To prevent this, the spouse who is travelling should endeavour to do these things to make sure the spouse at home is happy and certain no shady business is going on over there.

  1. Go With a Picture of Your Family

No, don’t go taking the family’s album, a single framed picture of your family by your bedside would suffice. It also won’t hurt to have their pictures of them on your phone to remind you what you left at home and what you risk losing if you get tempted to do something stupid and your spouse ends up finding out.

It also keeps you focused as you remember the people who matter and why you are working hard.


  1. Make Sure Your Phone Is Always Charged

They say the idle mind is the devil’s workshop. With your phone out of juice, you might decide to step out and enjoy the scenery and end up encountering a temptation.

It also plants doubt in your spouse’s mind when you are unreachable. I mean why else are you not online on Whatsapp if you aren’t out doing something you don’t want them finding out? To avoid cases like these, ensure your phone is always charger. Or inform your partner (throw in a screenshot for proof) when your phone’s battery is about to die. Communication is really key folks!


  1. Travel With A Companion

Request to be paired with someone on your business trip or look for someone whose job is similar to yours and travel with them. This way, your partner would be confident to an extent that you won’t be doing any hanky panky business when you have a colleague or partner with you.

Also, you are less prone to be tempted with someone around you. It would help if you went with someone who wants the best of your marriage and would dissuade you from temptations and even remind you to call your family rather than someone else. Just be sure your travelling companion is of the same sex or you might get served with divorce papers upon arrival.


Do these things wholeheartedly and you need not be bothered about the possibility of your constant travelling destroying your marriage provided you don’t go doing things that could potentially harm your marriage while out there