The Best Places You Can Catch Fun in June Vacation

June is a special month for tourist visit. You can enjoy your summer vacation in different cities of notable tourist attraction this June. Below are list of cities and interesting places you can visit to enjoy your summer vacation.

Barbados Island

The Barbados Island is an east Caribbean island. Colonized by the great Britain it is listed among the commonwealth nations.. The island is rich with beaches, botanical gardens, Harrison cave buildings and plantations of the 17th century.

The island hosts the international world flower show day which may come up again this June . Different floral designers would be doing their exhibitions at this event, floral arrangement and floral displays often feature this event. The country is popular for its flower, the pride of Barbados.

Belize, Central America

Belize is a country that is located east of the Central America. The country shares its Caribbean coast in the east and its jungle in the west. It is a blessed with several low-lying islands. These islands are called the gulf. The Caribbean coast is rich in marine life. Interesting places in Belize include the Mayan ruins of Belizean Portland, these ruins include Karakol which is known for its spectacular pyramids, also there is the lamanai Lagoon and the Alga which is outside Belize.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket serve as a great tourist attraction. It is a small island located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It serves as a great summer resort point. It is filled with beaches and dunes. A major point of attraction there is the unpainted building with cedar shingles. There are also many places that are surrounded by thorny care. Nantucket serves as a resort pint with good foods and drinks, tourists throng the streets full of restaurants, luxury boutiques and steeple church. Another major point of interest there is the Whale Museum reminding one of the cities as nineteenth-century whaling center.


The Bahamas, Country in the Caribbean

The Bahamas serve as famous tourist pint for most lovers of the Caribbean. A country located in the Caribbean has over 700 islands. It is an Atlantic coral island. This has several bays ranging from the uninhabited to the tourist complexes. The beauty of the island is parallel to none. The northern Bahamas island serves as home to a lot of well-to do people as well as five star hotels. The paradises island welcomes many tourists from all over the world at different parts of the year.

Visiting these sites of interest afford you a fun filled and memorable holiday experience. Take time to learn more about the beauty, scenery, culture and events that takes place yearly in these interesting sites. Have Fun!